My 2016 Review

My 2016 Review

It is that time of the year when major news sites come with their lists of the year, from the scientific breakthroughs of the year (the long-lived Greenland shark made the list!) to the weirdest animal stories (of which three are focused on sharks!). It is also the time that I like to review my year, and go over everything that I have done and have accomplished during the last twelve months.

First things first, the most important accomplishment is that I got some science, combined with some conservation work, done this year. I published one scientific paper this year (which is equal to 2015), and wrote two reports of which I expect to prepare manuscripts in early 2017. One more manuscript is currently in review, so..  hopefully lots of interesting science to share in 2017!

One of the signs of a busy year is when I have to go through your phone’s camera roll to remind you of all the adventures of the last twelve months. I visited nine different countries of which 7 are islands, although technically, the UK is also an island. From an awesome holiday to the Mediterranean island of Sicily, a press-trip to the Dutch Caribbean, to a trip focussed on analyzing elasmobranch (i.e. sharks and rays) fisheries in Mauritania. I also did my first conference presentation this year at the 20th Annual Meeting of the European Elasmobranch Association, presenting about the spatiotemporal distribution of two Caribbean shark species around Saba (Dutch Caribbean).

Science communication also improved this year, with a total of 9 interviews for radio, tv and popular science magazines. Surprisingly, all of these interviews focussed on sharks and shark science.. In addition, I appeared in a documentary which premiered on National Geographic Channel last Summer. 2016 also got me back on Twitter (since two weeks), so if you’re on there make sure to follow me (@LeursGuido)!

Species-wise, I observed 13 new elasmobranch species, but all were part of the targeted catch or bycatch of fisheries and were all dead. Something that really needs improvement in 2017!

So, leaving all the bad news out, 2016 was a great year. Happy New Year everybody!

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