Category: Intertidal

On the Quest of Studying Elasmobranchs within Complex Intertidal Ecosystems.

Over the last decade, scientific research and conservation work focused on sharks and rays has increased vastly due to the dramatic population and increased media attention for these species groups. Until now scientific research has mainly focused on sharks and rays on tropical coral reefs or in association with pelagic and bottom fisheries. This bias…
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Elasmobranch Expedition Mauritania 2017

After the very successful expedition to Mauritania in 2016, I joined again for a slightly different mission this time. As we mainly interviewed local fishermen, traders and boat owners during the 2016 expedit ion, this time we set out to try and catch sharks and rays right in the shallow waters of the Banc d’Arguin.…
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Conservation Science in the Desert

Expedition to the beautiful Mauritania In West-Africa lies a large country that probably not many Europeans ever heard about, the Islamic Republic of Mauritania. I had the privilege to travel to the biggest national park of Mauritania, as you might expect from me by now, for a shark related study (yes, sand sharks..). The Country…
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