I strongly believe that communicating with a larger audience is important when working in this field. Not only do I like to show people the importance of a healthy oceans, but I also think it is important to let people see what we actually do at sea, in the field, in the lab or behind our computers.


Verassing! Deze haaiensoort eet ook planten (Dutch). KIJK Magazine, September 2018.
Auteur: Laurien Onderwater.

Gespot in ‘Nederlandse’ wateren (Dutch). TROUW, March 2018.
Auteur: Jelle Reumer.

Bijzondere tweekoppige haai gevonden (Dutch). KIJK Magazine, October 2016.

Student werkt mee aan docu over hamerhaai (Dutch). Resource Wageningen, August 2016. 

Measuring shark growth with lasers (Bionieuws 19, NIBI) November 21st, 2015
Interviewer: Janneke Razenberg

Guido Leurs studied sharks in South Africa (HAS Beats Business Edition)
November, 2013
Interviewer: Florieke Koers

Guido Lives For Sharks (Dagblad De Limburger) July 13th, 2013 Interviewer: Adri Gorissen


Swimming with Sharks (Dutch)
Renault TV, June 2016.
Interview: Vincent Croiset

Hunting the Hammerhead (NatGeo WILD & Smithsonian), Spring 2016
Produced by: Earth-Touch

Guido’s passion for sharks (Dutch)March 9th, 2016
Live interview in L1 Avondgasten

Yes, that is my nephew trying to read a feature in TROUW on silky sharks! 

Radio Interviews

Sense of Smell of Sharks (January 2017).
Radio 1 Belgium,
Interview: Annemie Peeters.

Shark research in the Bahamas (August 2016).
Vroege Vogels (Radio 1), Interview: Menno Bentveld.

How dangerous are sharks (L1 Radio) March 9th, 2016.

How to avoid a shark attack (Radio 2) January 8th, 2014 Interviewer: Gijs Stavermans